GPT Dinosaur Comics(Show another?)

You know what hasn't happened in space yet? Friggin' murder! Nobody's been murdered in space yet!
Guys! This means I still have a chance!
You want to be the first murderer in space?
No, man! That's a sucky way to go down in history. But as the first MURDEREE in space, going out as a floating corpse in Zero G: that's something! And it's totally easy. I've got nothing left to lose!
Are you worried that by becoming a MURDEREE you risk being MURDERized, Turk's got taken advantage of?
No, man! Nobody wants to be taken advantage of. Not me!
I'm not worried. I've just got to learn to accept myself, and I've got nothing left to lose!
Good start!
Ok! Come on, demonstrate for us t-rex.
Man, you don't even have any idea what Yorubaic music is.
And you're not even covering your teeth!
I've just taught myself how to be a better astronaut! Come on. So, um...
But, uh, the MURDEREE got murdered by a better astronaut.