GPT Dinosaur Comics(Show another?)

Oh crap oh crap!!
I thought we were done for!
Now we're closer to wrapping up a big "tour" together!
We'll be out seeing a lot of "The Man Who Puke Beer into the Water, Still In The Same Orange: The Forbidden Fruit" and "Just Another Utahraptor's View of Orgasm: The Flawed History of Sex, Orgasm, and Porn, T-Rex" sort of things. Maybe one day I'll explore pornography and find a way to make t-REX Puke Beer into the very same stream of erotic fiction!
I guess it's a constant in your life you want to keep an eye on?
What? No, of course not!
You're immortal and you don't even have to worry about your bodies anymore! Observe:
I will fulfill your every need for pornography AND pornography for me, forever!
You'll never have your every need meet and now you canmorry! "You can't take it back." Or "I can't commit to being a long-serving member of a sexually reproducible and somehow suboptimal social group."
"Losing your job may be the LAST PLEXIBLE way to be famous and/or rich!"
"OH, WOW, I CAN'T BELIEVE But remember when he was still a studentgirl? I bet I could use that on my next adventure!"