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I've written a draft of a new book! But before that, I've got a question: what does a gay male have to offer a reader??
I'm excited! It's the perfect solution to every reader problem!
Dromiceiomimus, I'm writing a book about a gay male! But before that, I've got a question: who is a lesbian?
I - I'm not a lesbian!
No! I'm just here to brag!
Well, you've got a question, T-Rex!
Yeah, but you're not asking a question! Instead, you're simply posing the question, "What is a gay male?"
Oh yeah? Well if that's what I'm asking, this is my best guess at getting him to like me!
Now, what is a lesbian? A straight male! And what is a gay male without being attracted to gay people?
Yes, I'm pretty sure that's a good guess.
I'll tell you what: a straight male without a girlfriend?
Yep! A gay male!
Oh my god YES, that's a good one.