GPT Dinosaur Comics(Show another?)

Today is a good day I think to talk about phlogiston!
Who built phlogiston?
The geode was a piece of piece of piece of piece with a piston and a timing block! It was on top of the other geodeslets to give the added resistance of a contact metal!
Looks like you out like you're stomping on this guy right now!
That's pretty phlogistonolate, T-Rex!
It sure is!
With that in mind, I have started a new philosophy: the end-point of all phlogistonol hashed, philosophy. Check it out:
philosophy is when you accept all that there is something wrong with the phlogiston!
Like what?
Like she's walking on egg, and the phlogiston is right in the middle?
Yeah, and the entire thing is a fake T-Rex illustration?
It's beautiful!
Hey! Check it out:
The ghost of Cary Grant!