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Man, I could make a better dating site.
Man! I COULD make a better dating site! I COULD CONCLUS that dating site is totally the best thing ever!
Amusingly, I believe I did not create this planet, but merely compose it, a melding of the past and the future. I will combine the past and the new, merging the conflicting past and the new, until finally, we are all pieces connected by a single, eternal, destiny!
T-Rex, you've just created a new planet! You think you know the best way to be remembered is to make your current one?
I am not in favour of this!
T-Rex, you have studied the parallels! I find yours more interesting than the other.
Aw man! Can you tell me about the past?
No! I couldn't tell you about the future.
Well, this could be my weakness!
I could say "You know what? That's the point", but then get beat up by a more popular and respected character, and you might be tempted to say, "Wait, I took the risk? I found someone else, and he's my equivalent of me again!"
I could say "That's my moral fiber: SMELLY" and then get spit on by an evil dinosaur!