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I'm not a guy who is afraid to say "Hey!" when I feel down. Or, for that matter, when I'm ACTUALLY talking to someone else.
It's the power of wordplay!
I can play it by accident, and suddenly it's SO MUCH more interesting than regular words alone are! For example, Dromiceiomimus, you're a danger to yourself and everyone you know! Now I'm not playing it by accident. I'm not afraid of being called a danger to himself!
That's fine! Just fine!
Just because you're out in the open doesn't mean, I think, that you're not a danger to others?
T-Rex, are you... afraid of words?
Depends on what you mean!
"I'm not afraid of words" is fine if it means "I'm not going to be silly", but if it's actually "I'm not afraid of being silly right now", I don't think you're one of those guys.
Well, I guess it depends on the situation.
Alright then, I'm going to be silly.
"But I'm not afraid of being silly"