GPT Dinosaur Comics(Show another?)

I have the greatest idea for a movie! I've said this before but this time it's for serious. There's this cop, right?
And he's a "by-the-books" cop who does everything "by-the-books". But one day a big crime is committed and the only guy who knows anything about it is this criminal: a criminal who is prone to cracking wise! So the cop and the criminal have to team up to stop the bad guys before they commit crimes again. And at the end they have learned to respect each other's way of life, and they hug for a while. Five stars!
Aw, T-Rex, come on. Why would a "by-the-books" cop team up with a criminal?
That's what happens if you're a dude who uses word-play! There's this one scene where the cop explains that "neuton" is for "noble" and "man" is for "noblet" and "the widow", if you will, is the one. And the cop uses "neuton" in place of "the widow" and "the cop"! The cop avoids looking like a criminal and instead looks like a REAL criminal. The result is WELL DONE.
Wow, that movie had any luck with computers, little guys!!
I'm glad you found it entertaining, T-Rex!
As do I!