GPT Dinosaur Comics(Show another?)

I have been thinking, and I have come up with the perfect solution to the problem of my being considered, by others, to be "cute".
I will get MORE into this in a moment!
I will be as quiet and pure as the woods, when I am truly, truly accomplished.
And when others notice me, they will not only be angry, but they will also be saying "what the hell, you're the only person ever to get angry at me for being so quiet and pure"!
It will also happen without even a jolting "ah I really am that!"
Are you going to say "What the hell??"?
Because it is a good moment to reflect on your own death and consider your options!
Okay, well, I certainly hope I am not being followed by my friends by putting on a revealing display.
I understand!
It is a terrible thing to do!
I understand, too.