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Privacy Notice

This website collects the following data:

We may share the prompts you input into the system. We won't bulk share them publicly on this website unless you opted in via the checkbox on the generator page, but we might take a couple out of context and share them on Twitter or something. We don't log the generated comics.

We use Google Analytics to help understand how you use the website, in order to make the website better. The data is anonymised before being used for analytics processing, and is not personally identifiable. Google Analytics processes information about:

You can opt out out of our use of Google Analytics by enabling the DNT (do not track) feature of your browser. Alternatively, you can opt out globally by installing the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

We use your browser's local storage API to count the number of times you generate comics. We do this solely to make the loading experience more fun. This number persists across sessions, but is stored solely in your browser and isn't uploaded to the server. Only you can see it.

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