GPT Dinosaur Comics(Show another?)

Folks for the brave! Folks who are afraid! Folks who are afraid of heights and who don't always get what they want.
Folks who have trouble sleeping because they don't always want to hear their "unnnzzzzght"!!
Folks who have trouble writing because they don't always have the attention they want. Folks who have the freedom to think whatever they want, and those who do think whatever they think!
Folks who have made some bad decisions!
Folks who feel like they've made some bad decisions by going to sleep: that's their "free time" and they're not going to wake up.
UTAHRAPTOR we'll make that free time more!
Free time!!
You know, when you get to wake up and think "Wow, this could be a useful, non-threatening excuse to annoy people!"
I'll show you when it's free time!
That's a good one!
that's a friggin' good one!