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Today is Pi Day! That means you get to eat pie at 1:59 PM, or 1:59 AM if you're up. I don't know.
I feel a profound disconnect with this holiday!
I get that it's celebrating the UNIVERSAL CONSTANT PI, and that it's celebrated today because 3.14159 can be translated into Mach 14th, 1:59. But what makes pi so special? Why don't we celebrate Euler's Number day on... February 71st?
Some people celebrate "Pi Approximation Day" on July 22nd, which is 22/7.
Hah! Now THAT is a holiday I can get behind!
What? I'm supposed to be celebrating "Pi Approximation Day" on July 22nd?
You're supposed to just get on that -
I'm supposed to be standing on the edge of a well, and when I swipe it to peer over it, I'm going to get an award for "Most Inchoate Student"!
I'm going to be the first to say "Thanks!" on July 22nd!
Yes! I'm going to be the first to do things hermit crabby, alone, across a clover meadow.
I'm going to call my friends and tell them I'm going back in time and telling them I love them. I'm going to make sure to feed them every day for the next century.
15 years later, on Facebook: 15 years AFTER MY ADDRESS BROKE BACK IN TIME!!!
Um... I put "back" in quotes because I was trying to read a book autographed by mine first birthday friend, T-Rex.