GPT Dinosaur Comics(Show another?)

Man, I'm amazing! I'm a machine that turns FOOD into IDEAS!
I'm a machine that turns chicken wings into things being stomped on. I turn film into a sound effect where they play, and THEN, I turn film into Chicken Wings. All I need is a programming language that turns chicken wings into classical music, and THEN, I am great!
Sounds like you are having a great time!
I am! I'm so glad I was able to come up with that awesome idea!
So - what? You're not a part of the problem!
I am!
Well, that doesn't mean you can't solve the problem, T-Rex! I think it's more that your ideas are too awesome, and when they're put into practice, they get results!
Yeah, that's true. I have a solution.
What it does is let you turn everything into sounds!
Oh wow! What if I put snow on everything and let the sound waves get inside me?
That'd be gross!
Me too! It makes me so happy!