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a reference comic
Alright, let's get the easy ones out of the way first!
Top hats are those ones that are easy to draw!
You can tell by the way they poke through the fabric! The classic "horse-woman hat" from olden times! And the "crotchety" one from the '50s? Skeleton hair that's just out of style! It's not bad, except you think the hat is a little too "officially" the royal right of way to wear.
Hat is way better!
I'm not sure if the "crotchety" hat is the correct term, T-Rex!
Well, if it IS, I don't know why you have to pay for it.
But if I wear it casually, it's a symbol of male privilege!
That's your point, my friend!
It's a GREAT way to show that you're one of "the lucky ones" that haven't had a boring problem fixed by the "crotchety" hat!
Oh man, I forgot about that one!
Yep! If I wear it at all, I'm SOLVED.