GPT Dinosaur Comics(Show another?)

Okay, so I remember that time I bought myself some presents. In fact, I was like, MAN, I'm going to get presents now!
But then I realized that MY parents had died when they were young!
And they told me that the reason they could talk about this so late in life was to give me presents, so when I got them I - I instantly regretted buying myself complicated presents!
But what did the parents tell you about your own funeral?
They said, "Honey, I get to make sure the rest of my days are filled with the relaxing family treat of idyllic childhoods ahead?"
So what did they tell you... about your own funeral?
Just what did they tell me... that I will die today for them!
I -
... of course!
Man! I should be doing this.
I'm sorry!
They never told me that!
Well, that's not very supportive.
There's still time!
ACTUALLY, the reason I bought myself presents was to give the elderly convenient means of communication ways!
In other news, the only way to save on funeral costs is to get a funeral service!
Seriously though, the service will likely be a depressing one with just the right amount of sad people in the audience.