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I am a dude with a lot of disposable income! I make about $12 an month in disposable income. I made that up!
Assuming I make enough, yeah!
But I made a lot of other income too. Like most things, a "decadent" income level is measured in dollars. When I buy the house of my dreams, it will be way more than what I actually have to spend my disposable income on. It will be the difference between the lives I DESIGN to have and the lives I'M actually living them for!
But the ceiling on what you can earn - real or imagined - can vary wildly from place to place.
Depending on... THOUSANDS of houses!
I don't want my imagination to be subject to this problem.
Yeah! But it must be kept in check!
I have, as expected, the strangest of aberrations. My house will not last.
I declare this to be the day of total disrepair.