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If you love someone, pretend not to care so much, and then if they happen to care more than you deserve to, then it's time to drop your relationship.
This seems obvious!
But it's actually super hard to figure out! How do people just drop a relationship and come back for something else? How do they aim to remain friends, even if you're just bumping into them on the street? How do they define who they want to be in their lives? How do they choose the words that best describe their personality? How do they choose the things to say when they're not around the same people? How do they choose the words when they're not saying them opposite words?
Well! I'M going to start doing that now!
Yep! I'm going to start ASKING THINGS. "If I kiss someone all the time, are you a hot dude?" and "Are you a fiver? Are you a pirate? Do you want to buy a mug?" and "Are you gay?" and "Are you racist?" and "Are you a jerk? Do you wanna pay some other debts?"
All this and more is going to change...