GPT Dinosaur Comics(Show another?)

I've been working on a script: a web card for traders. It will tell the ultimate story of how, IN THE YEAR 65,
when the Titanic sank, the only thing that could have saved us all is hindsight, because hindsight is always 20/20!
We are all dead
but we're not alone
hindsight is a precious resource that we will always have. We'll always have. We'll always keep kicking and screaming because that resource was, and will be, a TRILLION DOLLAR WISE.
So our only chance of survival is through trading those early death-cakes in the year 65!
Maybe it's better to live as if everything went wrong before you even had a chance to set it up.
And maybe that will change? Maybe you'll build a new, stronger AI to beat the Hallowe'en vision and you'll prevent all trades from going to waste, instead taking advantage of the incredibly fragile and dying 1970s 1930s 1930s 1930s Frankenstein-esque 20th-century 18th-century 18th century 18th century 20th century 20th century 20th century 20th century 20th century 20th century
I just thought it was cool that you wanted to live in the year 65.
I got that, yeah! Weird how we all keep trying to get inside your head!
Man, hindsight always counts!